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Boca United is a member of U.S. Soccer's prestigious U.S. Soccer Development Academy program.  Effective March 23, 2015, the club is a full member of the Academy program, fielding teams in the U14, U16 and U18 age groups for the 2015-16 season.

U.S. Soccer created the U.S. Soccer Development Academy program in 2007 to improve the everyday environment for the elite youth soccer player following a comprehensive review of elite player development in the United States and around the world.  The Development Academy is a partnership between U.S. Soccer and the top youth clubs around the country to provide the best youth players in the U.S. with an every day environment designed to produce the next generation of National Team players. The Academy’s programming philosophy is based on increased training, less total games and more competitive games. 

The Academy also connects National Team coaches directly with the Academy clubs to develop and identify players and coaches for future Youth National Teams. Each Academy team is evaluated by a member of the Men’s Scouting Network at least 10 times each year and each Academy club receives two formal evaluations in over 100 categories each year from U.S. Soccer Technical Staff.

The Development Academy is also focused on identifying and developing the next generation of elite referees. U.S. Soccer assigns up-and-coming officials to participate in Academy games at the local level and at national events.


Objective: The Development Academy's primary focus is player development. Academy players are provided with the best opportunity to achieve their potential as elite soccer players.
Standards: Academy teams are required to train at least four days per week and rest one day per week during the Academy season. Academy teams will play approximately 30 games per year.
Member Clubs: More than 80 nationally
Selection: All current clubs applied for membership. Any club is welcome to apply, but admission is very selective.
Teams: Academy clubs participating in the older age levels must field one team in each of the two Academy mixed-age groups at U-15/16 and U-17/18.
Age Groups: U13/14:  
Players are encouraged to "play up" when appropriate.  Players cannot play high school soccer

To maintain a focus on training, Academy teams do not play in any other leagues, tournaments, State Cup competitions, ODP or All-Star events without written permission from Academy staff. Full-time Academy players can only participate on their designated Academy team, with only one exception: National Team duty. For the 2013-14 season, full-time Academy players for all teams must choose to participate in the Academy full-time and forgo playing for his high school team. 



CHICAGO, IL (March 23, 2015 -- Boca United has been selected by U.S. Soccer to become a full U.S. Soccer Development Academy program.  

The club, 
which currently fields a team in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy program at the U-13/14 age group, will play the 2015-16 Academy season in all three program age groups, adding teams at the U-15/16 and U-17/18 levels. 

Players interested in being identified for next season’s Boca United U13/14 team (those born in 2001 and 2002); U15/16 team (those born in 1999 and 2000) and U17/18 team (born in 1998 and 1997) should contact the club’s Director of Coaching Eric Eichmann at
[email protected] 

U.S. Soccer’s U.S. Soccer Development Academy is a program that was founded in 2007 and provides education, resources and support to impact everyday club environments designed to develop world-class players, including players for the U.S. Men’s National Team.   

The program has more than 80 clubs nationally. 

Boca United was one of four soccer club programs selected today as full Academy members for 2015-16 following an extensive review process of the technical and programmatic aspect of each club.  The other clubs selected today were Baltimore Armour, the Sacramento Republic and New York FC. 

"We are excited to add four new clubs that are highly committed to helping U.S. Soccer develop world-class players," said U.S. Soccer Director of Scouting Tony Lepore. "New York City, Baltimore, Sacramento and Boca Raton are talent hotbeds with a history of players progressing to national teams and professional teams. We are confident that NYCFC, Baltimore Armour, Sacramento Republic, and Boca United will create a long-term environment to best develop and attract the level of talent needed to provide meaningful games to current clubs; a competition level which holds players accountable and is vital to their learning experience over the 10-month Academy season. Each of these new clubs has shown that they are invested in fostering positive and collaborative relationships with the other youth clubs in their area, the types of cooperation that represent the collective effort needed to improve the game at all levels in the U.S." 

Boca United’s Eichmann said: "Boca United is extremely proud and honored to have been accepted into the U.S. Soccer Development Academy at the U-15/16 and U-17/18 age groups,"  

Eichmann, who was also a member of the U.S. Men's National Team 1990 FIFA World Cup roster, added the club “is extremely excited to be able to expand our current U-13/14 Development Academy Program into the older age groups.

“We are very pleased that U.S. Soccer has recognized our player development work, and delighted that our players will be able to take advantage of all that the U.S. Soccer Development Academy has to offer them,” Eichmann said. "For our staff, joining the U.S. Soccer Development Academy means that we will be part of the best youth soccer player development model in the entire country," Eichmann continued. "The opportunities for growth and improvement as teachers of the game will be enormous and we look forward to utilizing the tremendous coaching resources available to us through U.S. Soccer as we continue to improve our player development environment and techniques." 

To see the official release from the United States Soccer Federation CLICK HERE

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